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         Nowadays, buying smartphones along with the phone cases or covers is a norm for most people as it is wise to protect their smartphones from any potential damage, knocks, dents, breakage or scratch. The role of a smartphone cover is more important now as the prices of the smartphone available in the market especially branded gadgets from big companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo and Xiao Mi are not cheap and some are considered unaffordable by consumers. So what is the first precaution taken by the consumers who desire maximum protection for their phones from physical harms? The answer, of course, is to lay their hands on the phone cases or covers.

            There are a lot of phone cases or covers available in the market today which is custom-made to be compatible with certain models of particular brands. For example, Apple has launched several models of iPhones already since their successful breakthrough in smartphone technology which features different colours, design and sizes albeit the difference are small. So to cater to such wide variety of dimensions of the phones, different types of phone covers with various designs, built, colours and texture are released into the market as each of the phone model fits into different types of phone covers. Basically, there are 3 types of phone covers available in the market today which are:

  • Jelly or Soft Case- This type of case is built with rubber or soft plastic to absorb the maximum force due to impact to prevent the phone from being dented. The advantage of having a jelly case for your phone is that the case will cover the sides, edges as well as the back of the phone, leaving the screen unprotected. Such cover design actually protects the phone from any incoming impact (phone drop on the ground) as well as any scratches except the screen.
  • Hard or Armor Case- This type of phone cases provides the complete protection for your phones from scratches, dents and any other impacts. It covers all the surfaces and sides of the phones and is made up of hard substances like silicon and rubber. However, due to its bigger size, it is more bulky and inconvenient to carry around.

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