Get the best mobile screen guard for your smartphones!

If you think having your smartphones covered by screen protector is an unnecessary expense, think about potential issues like anti-glare, glossy surfaces and finger prints which could somehow negatively affect your smartphones in one way or another. So the question is which is the best mobile screen protector that suits your smartphone well? Below are the common types of screen protectors:

  • PET Film: This type of plastic screen coating is made up of polyester film which is scratch resistant on one end and has a silicone adhesive on the other. Polyethylene Terephthalate, as it is generally called is clear in nature and provide anti-scratch characteristics on top.

  • Tempered Glass: This type of protector is consisted of multilayer forms where the bottom layer functions as shock absorbent while PET film is situated beneath. Currently, it is the most widely used and best choices for virtually all smartphones.

  • TPU: Thermoplastic Polyurethane screen protector is a type of chemically enhanced plastic material which provides toughness, prevents scratch and grease as well as elastic.

  • Dry or Wet Mount: The dry mount screen protector is glued to the screen by static electricity while the wet mount screen protector is adhered by spraying liquid at the back to the smartphones.

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